Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), or 'Hipping', is the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure to materials. This process is ideal to improve and repair a casting, or to deliver powder metallurgy components.

HIP Process - casting 

A HIP unit consists of a high temperature furnace enclosed within a pressure vessel. Castings or Powdered Metals are placed in a CAN (the work pieces) and heated under a uniform, isostatic pressure of inert Argon gas. This process repairs castings that have both visible and invisible adverse properties. Following Hipping, the result is elimination of internal voids (i.e. porosity) and improved microstructure. Any voids in the casting will repaired by this process.

If you seek to repair your casting, the HiP  process is the route to do it. If you have critically important cast parts, and require certainty of performance (e.g. for the links used in helicopter power trains) then your casting process should be completed using HiPping. This will ensure that there are no invisible, weak areas within your component.

HIP is effective with almost all materials – including metals, ceramics and plastics. HIP repaired castings have all of the porosity removed. The reduced porosity of HIP’ed materials enables improved mechanical properties such as fatigue strength and increased workability. The HIP process densifies and repairs and creates a clean uniform microstructure of the casting. Examination of HIPPED parts by non destructive testing techniques show excellent results. These characteristics are not possible with welding or casting.

Powder Metallurgy using HIPPING

In Powder Metallurgy, the HIP process can produce materials from metallic compositions that are difficult or impossible to forge or cast. 

We recommend that a container is used - they are generally called "Cans" that hold the forming material and the powdered metal or alloy.  Using this process we deliver Near Net Shape for clients, which has many similarities with 3D printing, and lost wax manufacture. As our approach uses high temperature furnace, gas environment, and high pressure , our clients are able to avoid significant post HiP operations.

Working with important and nationally accredited academic institutions, we are developing new technologies which deliver significant benefits for large manufacturers of components.
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For Technical or Sales enquiries:

  • Removal of porosity in castings
  • Consolidation of encapsulated powders to near-net shape forming
  • Densification of MMC’s and Ceramics
  • Advanced diffusion bonding techniques (cladding)
Commonly Treated Materials:
  • Steel Castings
  • Aluminium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper Alloys
  • Titanium Alloys
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